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c o f f e e .. l i m s

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coffee last icon maker standing.
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Welcome to coffee_lims, a coffee last icon maker standing competition. Hehe, your eyes don't fail you. This community is dedicated to coffee. You'll take part in a series of challenges. At the end of each challenge at least one person will be voted out until there is only one icon maker standing.
//This community was founded by eternalphoenix_ and now me, kisuncha, is your mantainer here :)
//Speical thanks to disney_hush (LIMS is disney_hush's original idea).
//Listed in and

Sign up here. Don't forget to comment with the username you will be entering under and put this magic words coffee addict somewhere to let me know that you've read the rules.
You must be a member of community to participate. You can join here.
You will have 5 days to get your entries in. Each participant has the right to skip 1 challenge, so if you miss one challenge (without asking for a bye), you won't be eliminated. However next time if you fail to enter an icon in any round that you are supposed to be participating in, you will be automatically eliminated. If you know you will be gone for a number of days, let me know and we'll work something out.
At least one person will be eliminated from the competition each round.
You must use images provided. All effects are allowed but no animation and blending pictures.
You may enter only ONE icon. 40kb or less, 100x100px or less.
You will be voting for icons you like the LEAST.

.time schedule..
Sunday-Friday - New Round
Friday-Sunday - Voting
Sunday - Results
This is the actual schedule for each round, but i can change it if i want. I'll tell you about it.

Wanna become an affiliate? Comment here.
I accept only challenge and LIMS communities.

Challenge #1:
1st: mangoninja
2nd: eternalphoenix_
3rd: ainodeluca

Challenge #2:
1st: eternalphoenix_
2nd: mangoninja
3rd: lapine29

Challenge #3:
1st: elfandali
2nd: mangoninja
3rd: cdg

Challenge #4:
1st: thesamegirl17
2nd: lapine29
3rd: nokitas

Layout coding by noexithere, modified by kisuncha.
Layout header is by wonderful eternalphoenix_.

Social capital

  • less than 10