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Challenge #5 - Winners

Well, that's it.. i haven't received many votes, but enough to see the winner ;)
Thank you so much for participating in this challenge, for voting and just supporting..
I hope you had a great time, cuz i did :)

Now onto the winners..

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And that's all. Thank you and congratulations one more time.
Oh, and banners will be up a little bit later.
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Challenge #5 - Round #8 - Voting

Everyone, please, vote!

• You have to vote for 1 [ONE] lesser quality icon.
Don't try to give personal reasonslike: I don't like the style, icon looks boring, awkward, etc. if you do so, i'll ask you to rewrite your comment.
• Give real reasons like: Text doesn't match the icon or texture. Oversharped, blurry etc.
• Also you need to vote for one icon you like the most. Don't forget to state reason here too. If you won't for icon you like the most, you vote won't be counted.
Do not vote for/against yourself.
• All comments are screened.

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Challenge #5 - Round #8

• All participants must submit one icon.
• Use only provided images.
• All icon must be in LJ standarts (40kb or less, 100x100px or less).
• All effects allowed, except animation and blending, but you can blend the image itself.
You can't use your skips anymore.
• If your name listed here, you need to submit your entry.
• You can't show your icon before the voting ends.
• Submit your icons by comment to this post with icon and its url. Comments will be screened.
• Deadline for this round is Monday 1.00pm GTM, June 23rd.
• Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Images from Veer.com
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